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What’s Our Mission?

To build community capacity in underserved areas and among at-risk populations through education, outreach and training.


Our Vision

SAFE endeavors to saturate at-risk neighborhoods with a variety of instructional and operational programs with a focus on life sustainment, including bleeding control training, education enrichment and economic development. Programs include but are not limited to: education, emergency response training and youth mentoring at the community level. This improves the self-worth of the participants, and inspires ambition and achievement while reducing negative behaviors through the encouragement given by positive role models.

Our Values

  • Rules without relationships equal rebellion. We will adhere to rules and regulations.
  • Integrity tied to loyalty is the cornerstone that this organization is built on.
  • We will respect other people’s views and require that they respect ours. This will produce a successful work environment.
  • We are all leaders. As leaders, we know when to lead and when to follow the more experienced team members.
  • We will develop and maintain trust and transparency with our donors. This will lead to long-term relationships.
  • We will inspire trust through our actions and honor our commitments to our clients, and to one another.
  • Perfection is unattainable. We as an organization will always strive for excellence.
  • Creating realistic goals with donors and sponsors, we will tirelessly work in support of our noble cause.
  • We will protect our reputation by maintaining high standards of ethical and moral behavior. Through our commitment to integrity, we will honor our organization, our mission, our people and the communities we serve.