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Support A Future Endeavor (SAFE), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in order to provide real time, hands on assistance to the people in communities facing extraordinary hardship: the people who need direct support the most. Through education and training, SAFE will give community members the confidence and tools to make positive changes in their own neighborhoods, creating a lasting impact. Community teams are provided with volunteer emergency response training in order to learn basic first aid techniques to stabilize trauma victims until professional help arrives on the scene. SAFE supports additional educational and operational programs, in order to address the underlying issues in at-risk communities. Thanks to donations like yours, the people and youth in these areas have a fighting chance.

Addressing Immediate Needs

Many communities in the United States are overwhelmed by a gun violence epidemic. The level of medical care a person receives in the first few minutes following a gun related injury is critical. No matter how fast professional emergency assistance arrives, if blood loss is uncontrolled, even an injury that was initially highly treatable becomes life threatening very quickly. In areas with a high incidence of gun violence, it is imperative that the populace undergoes volunteer first aid training with an emphasis on slowing down and stopping blood loss in order to save lives. SAFE is committed to training a large number of community emergency response teams to prevent unnecessary loss of life.

Building a Foundation for Success

Art. Music. Language. Sports. These types of programs are instrumental in giving at-risk youth a chance to succeed by instilling in them skills that are vital for their growth as people. SAFE is dedicated to sponsoring and mentoring young people and works to guide them to becoming responsible and contributing members of their communities- breaking the vicious cycle that keeps so many good young people down.

Supporting a Future Endeavor

SAFE is committed to being the boots on the ground to cultivate real, lasting change in communities in need. From volunteer emergency response preparedness and training that empowers the community to handle crisis situations, to equipping the populace with the ability to participate in programs that will give them the skills they need to succeed in the future, SAFE is leading the charge to help make these opportunities available to the people who need it. Through your support, our team is able to continue to lay the groundwork for the benefit of all.

Support The Future

Contribute now to help SAFE facilitate mentorship programs, sponsorships, and first-aid and emergency response training in communities in need across America.

SAFE is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 (Tax ID# 36-48660916)

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