Addressing The Systemic Issues

The challenges underprivileged communities face are complex and deep rooted. SAFE is committed to addressing these issues with a multifaceted approach, treating the symptoms as well as the underlying cause. Epidemic incidence of gun violence necessitates the need for community emergency response training and teams on site. The more volunteers in the area that have first aid training, the higher the chance a bystander in an emergency situation will know how to provide immediate care to prevent a victim from hemorrhaging before professional medical help arrives, thereby naturally increasing the chance of survival of the victim. Although reducing the number of preventable deaths is one of SAFE’s primary objectives, this only addresses one of the symptoms of a neighborhood in constant distress. SAFE supports additional and complementary educational opportunities and enrichment programs that serve the underlying needs of youth being raised in at-risk communities in order to break the vicious cycle and empower young people to help pay it forward by becoming positive role models themselves.

Filling in the Gaps

Young people in urban areas often do not have access to programs that foster creativity and critical thinking. Lessons learned while participating in activities such as art, music, language and sports last a lifetime. These are just some of the skills they build: Teamwork. Introspection. Personal growth. Collaboration. Leadership. Problem solving. Strategy. Analysis. Abstract thought. The addition of these activities to a child’s core curriculum opens the door to unlimited possibilities, providing them with a solid groundwork for future endeavors. Young people who are involved in these types of programs are less likely to succumb to negative influences- they have the confidence and encouragement to work hard and strive for success. SAFE is committed to removing the financial burdens and barriers to as many young people in at-risk communities as possible, through mentorship and sponsorship programs.

Building a Strong Community Through Creativity

The issues facing youth in at-risk communities might be complicated, but sometimes it’s the little thing that inspires a young person to strive to reach their full potential. It could be something small that changes someone’s path for the better – a paintbrush, a backpack, a conversation with a positive role model. SAFE endeavors to facilitate these constructive experiences today so that these young people will be positive role models for others in their community tomorrow.

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