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About Our Organization

MISSION: We inspire young people to believe and achieve by funding education and training opportunities to inner city youth.

The founders of Support A Future Endeavor (SAFE), each of whom have served for many years in the military and have seen the dramatic improvement in combat casualty care first hand, are using their knowledge and experience to positively impact at-risk communities here at home by providing civilians with the education and tools they need in the neighborhoods that need this support the most.


Empowering The Community Through Care

SAFE is committed to strengthening domestic communities in several ways; by sponsoring community enrichment programs such as art, music, language and sports, creating and leading mentorship programs, as well as training communities in bleeding control and emergency response on site, who can continue certifying local members of the community with volunteer emergency training. This multifaceted approach is designed to not only address the crucial need to have as many people as possible available to assist victims in the case of an emergency, but also crafted to encourage young people to explore more positive pursuits. The goal is to revitalize communities and empower community members to reclaim their neighborhoods through positive acts and protecting the future for all.


Ronald E. Carpenter, Jr.

President “SAFE INC.”

Ron was born on the Southside of Chicago. After overcoming the negative influences of his neighborhood in Englewood, he joined the U.S. Navy 13 hours after graduating from Kenwood Academy. He served honorably for over 32 years with 28 years in the Special Operations Boat Teams. He is one of the first two Warrant Officers in the history of the Special Boat Teams to be promoted to W5 and became a first-generation college student earning his two Bachelor of Science Degrees; one in Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University, and one in Business from Touro University. Ron also completed a Master’s in business from Trident University International and a Professional Certification in Executive Coaching.

Serving as the President of SAFE Inc. since 2017, Ron leads a national movement focused on assisting at-risk communities and families to take the next step in their personal journeys and inspiring the next generation to become leaders of tomorrow. As a highly regarded member of the Naval Special Warfare military community, Ron has been invited to address national audiences on numerous occasions. These opportunities have led to his mission to reduce gun violence in our country through medical education, volunteer emergency response training and support of community programs. He believes that God has a plan for us all, that our past isn’t our prison and that we can shed our derailing behavior by first changing our attitudes. Ron created SAFE to bring likeminded people and organizations together for the greater good of our communities and our country because “Love of Country Leads.”

Vice President

Mario O. Martin

Vice President

Mario was born in Queens, New York to immigrant parents who taught him from a very young age that, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Mario has championed efforts for boys to man programs and for single parent homes in at-risk communities nationwide. As an All Pro Dad Team Captain, he influences fathers to be more involved with their children, and to mentor others that lack a male role model in their lives.

Motivated by the mission of SAFE and inspired by his calling to save lives, Mario joined the team in April 2017 as Vice President and primarily oversees the Medical Training Program.

Having retired from the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman assigned predominantly to the Fleet Marine Force and Naval Special Warfare after 24 years, Mario became an impassioned advocate for at-risk neighborhoods and underprivileged kids suffering from gun violence. Mario has helped lead the charge to bring military medics to these communities in order to teach volunteer first aid training, emergency response preparedness, while cross supporting mentorship programs. Mario received a Dual master’s in health care administration and Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Trident University International. Mario currently resides in Tampa, Florida, with his wife and kids.

Our Vision

Possessing an attitude of action, SAFE endeavors to saturate at risk neighborhoods with training and education opportunities in the arts, sports and first aid. This will improve self-worth and reduce negative behavior by propelling young people toward positive role models that help them believe and achieve their dreams.