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The Dream Center of Tampa Life Saving Skills Event

The Dream Center of Tampa Life Saving Skills Event

May 2, 2019 2:28 am

On February 15th, SAFE had the enormous pleasure to lead one of our volunteer emergency response training sessions at The Dream Center of Tampa, Florida. The Dream Center is committed to empowering their local community through enrichment programs such as life skills, education, art and sports, and finding solutions to more immediate needs such as by providing tutoring and afterschool care. We are grateful they provided us with the venue and students for our training event.

Ybor City and East Tampa

The Dream Center serves East Tampa and Ybor City. This vibrant community is rich in diversity and camaraderie: it’s obvious that the people who live in this area genuinely care for one another and they will each other towards success. Much of the community would be considered at-risk. Local families are struggling and there are not many available opportunities for the residents of this area to improve their circumstances.

Many of the young people here deal daily with situations that require their fight or flight response to kick in. Their immediate needs are rooted in their immediate circumstances. Both SAFE and The Dream Center are committed to giving these young people hope and the tools they need for survival, so that they may have the opportunity to live a fruitful life.

Emergency Casualty Care

For this event, we focused on providing volunteer emergency and first aid training, so that these young people would have the tools required to handle a crisis. Our focus is on how to treat gunshot victims onsite, as the situation unfolds, in order to prevent excessive bleeding until trained professionals arrive.

We taught the group how to slow and stop a gunshot victim from bleeding by using compression techniques and tourniquets. The participants were fascinated by the various techniques they were shown and excited to practice on one another. At the conclusion of the event, we handed out supplies to everyone who took part. Younger children left with the tourniquets they were trained to use, while the older kids and young adults were provided medical kits that included tourniquets, bandages, and scissors, as they were taught more elaborate techniques to prevent blood loss. This group of youths left the event with powerful life saving skills that will be a great benefit to them and to the community at large.

Impacting Young Lives Positively

SAFE is committed to giving communities the tools they need to be able to flourish, both in the long and short term. It is clear that emergency casualty care is a skill that would greatly benefit this community and other underprivileged communities like it. We feel that it is our duty to help as many young people as possible survive these hard times, so that they may be able to live a full life and be an asset to the world.

As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” We feel it is our moral obligation to do everything we can to make sure these youth can grow up and tell their stories. Their stories are profound and invaluable and they should have the right to play out.

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